Video Surveillance Analytics

Video Surveillance Analytics

Video Management Server (VMS):Scalable VMS solutions for centralized video storage and management with a user-friendly interface for easy navigation.

Gun Detection System – AI-powered solution for gun detection in real time. So that you could be proactive, rather than reactive when seconds matter

Industrial Temperature Monitoring –  AI on thermographic cameras enabling continuous, real-time thermal scanning for lithium ion battery overheating, heating of transformers and electrical substations, skin surface temperature monitoring, and more.

Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Protection – high-precision AI surveillance technology can effectively filter out up to 99.95% of false alarms, minimizing noise fatigue, unnecessary panic and expenses.

Object Detection and Tracking – AI-powered proprietary object detection and classification engine augments your security infrastructure and provides situational awareness in real-time.

Anomaly Detection and Behavior Recognition – Anomaly Detection and Behavior Recognition allows security professionals to detect and identify high-impact anomalous events as they occur.

Drone Security – AI technology effectively works on drone cameras with non-static environments and moving backgrounds keeping a watchful eye on your valued assets and operations.

Face Recognition – Face Recognition that harnesses the power of computer vision and artificial intelligence for the safety of your premises and people.

False Alarm Filtering – AI video analytics triggers alerts only in case of validated threats, impressively minimizing false positives by up to 99.95%

Traffic Flow Analysis and Attribute Search – Make data-driven decisions, optimize your operations and find persons of interest based on their appearance with the powerful Scylla Traffic Flow Analysis and Attribute Search

Smoke & Fire Detection – Artificial Intelligence and computer vision to detect and identify hazardous smoke and fire.

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