Hybrid Cloud Adoption across a Large Bank

We helped a customer migrate to VMware Cloud on AWS and automate workloads with vRealize Automation. We preserved their architecture, integrated their tools, and accelerated their cloud journey. They saved costs, improved efficiency, and gained flexibility and security.


In this post, we will share how we helped a large bank to adopt cloud computing using Aria Automation and VMware on AWS. This was part of the customer’s Cloud First Strategy, which aimed to leverage the benefits of cloud while preserving their existing architecture and minimizing the impact on users. By using VMware Cloud on AWS, we were able to reduce operational expenses and achieve automation across the cloud infrastructure. We also used a Unified Cloud Management Platform to manage and automate workloads across private and public cloud environments.


The customer faced several challenges in their traditional IT environment, such as:
– The demand for new virtual machines (VMs) was high, with an average of 60-70 requests per month.
– The time taken to create a VM was long, ranging from 35 to 40 days, due to the complex and manual processes involved.
– The efficiency and agility of the IT operations were low, affecting the time to market and customer satisfaction.


To address these challenges, we proposed and implemented the following solution:
– We migrated the customer’s existing VMware workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS, using Aria Automation to automate the migration process. This enabled the customer to use the same tools and processes they were familiar with, while taking advantage of the scalability, security, and reliability of AWS.
– We deployed vRealize Automation as a Unified Cloud Management Platform, which allowed the customer to provision, manage, and automate workloads across both private and public cloud environments. This also integrated with Service Now, Infoblox, NSX, and other tools to provide a seamless and consistent user experience.
– We developed and implemented various automation use cases using Aria Automation, such as:
– VM commissioning and decommissioning
– Disk addition and formatting
– Database installation and configuration
– Weblogic installation and configuration
– Tool installation (backup, Arccos)
– Firewall as a service – configuring NSX firewall rules


By adopting cloud computing using Aria Automation and VMware on AWS, the customer achieved the following benefits:
– The time to deploy an infrastructure was reduced from 35-40 days to 2 days, thus increasing efficiency and time to market.
– The operational expenses were reduced by 40%, as the customer only paid for the resources they used on AWS.
– The security and compliance were improved, as the customer leveraged the native security features of AWS and NSX.
– The scalability and availability were enhanced, as the customer could easily scale up or down their resources on demand and benefit from the high availability zones of AWS.

We hope this blog post has given you some insights into how cloud adoption can be achieved using Aria Automation and VMware on AWS.
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